Should your housekeeper be bonded and insured?

There is a difference between being bonded and insured. A bonded and insured company will reduce the risks. It is important for your service provider to be properly insured to cover anything that may happen. If an employee falls and injured themselves, a properly covered company can handle issues through workers compensation instead of liability through the homeowners insurance policy.

Even though homeowners and renters policies cover many events, a big claim could affect what your future premiums will be. Many claims also require a deductible.

Bonding protects our customers by guaranteeing our financial obligations as a form of insurance. We are bonded for $10,000 in addition to our $1M liability coverage.

It is highly recommended that a service company has the proper insurance and has made payments to a surety company for protection by a bond

  • Request a certificate of insurance. Make sure workers at your home have the proper insurances to protect yourself.
  • Verify that the information is legitimate and current
  • Bonds cover damage or theft on top on general liabilty insurance
  • If the worker is injured at your home or your property is damaged or stolen, our insurance company would cover the loss, not yours.
  • If the person who hire is considered your employee under federal law, you may be reqired to provide workers compensation insurance and may bring tax implications.