Green Cleaning 101

Simple inexpensive cleaning tricks can be useful for everyday cleaning. To clean and remove odor from a garbage disposal, use water, vinegar, and household cleaner 1:1. Grate lemon peel in the solution and freeze in an ice tray. All you have to do is leave a couple ice cubes a week in the disposal and it should stay fresh. Other ideas are listed below:

  • Vinegar: useful for cleaning, disinfecting, and even as a fabric softener. Leaves windows sparkling clean and removes odors. Typically, vinegar is mixed with either water, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, or with other ingredients. The downside: vinegar has a distinct, persistent smell and is not safe for all surfaces (such as marble, natural stone, wood, or unsealed grout. Mixing with hydrogen peroxide creates a powerful and potentially harmful acid, so it is best to avoid this combination.
  • Baking soda: also very useful for cleaning, cleaning silver, and removing odors. It can be can be used to clean your grills grates, wash produce, or brighten laundry when mixed with water or just by itself. Downside: Combining vinegar and baking soda is more useful for making a bottle rocket than a cleaning solution.
  • Lemon juice: useful for removing stains, deodorizing and removing rust. It has versatility for polishing copper, cleaning the microwave, and remove coffee rings. Chrome and copper can be reliably cleaned with lemon juice. Diluted in water, it can be placed in a spray bottle to start cleaning. Cons: makes your want lemonade.
  • Rubbing alcohol: uses for disinfecting (@70% ethanol is an antiseptic), cleaning windows, mirrors and chrome fixtures. It can be used to clean dry-erase boards or to disinfect a computer due to quick evaporation. Cons: Not for drinking and should be kept away from children. Isopropyl alcohol is poisonous when ingested.
  • Coffee grounds – cleaner, deodorizer. Use coffee grinds as an abrasive (but much less harmful) material. Alternative uses; air freshener. May not be recommended for people who can't resist another cup of Joe.