Wood floor cleaning tips

Wood floors can add style, beauty, and warmth to any room. They can also aid with allergies in damp climates that cause carpets to be susceptible to mold. Most wood floors are made of oak, which is hard and sturdy, but also forgiving. With a little attention and careful maintenance, your wood flooring will look new for many years.

Dry cleaning

  • A broom, dry static mop (like a Swiffer), or soft-roller vacuum on a weekly basis will keep grit, dust, and dirt from building up, leading to scratches. Wood floor polish is not necessary as they may cause floors to become slippery.

Wet cleaning

  • Water alone can work well, but a little white vinegar added to a bucket of water is effective as long as the mop or cloth is thoroughly wrung out. Never use abrasives, which can cause scratches. Caustic cleaners (such as ammonia) will cause the finish to peel, crack, or turn yellow.

Spot Cleaning

  • Make sure spills are removed as soon as they happen by blotting or mopping them up. Greasy stains can be cleaned with a barely dampened cloth with mineral spirits. Waxy or sticky stains can be removed by filling a Ziploc bag with ice, seal it, then apply the bag to the stain. Once the stain is frozen, carefully scrape it away with a plastic spatula.

In the worst case scenario, individual planks can be replaced without having to get a new floor, or the floors can be refinished.

Another idea that may sound crazy to fix a scratch in wood floors is to take fresh walnuts, crush them into the scratch. The olis will fill in the missing color and the gap. Then buff with a clean cloth.