D.E. Filter Care & Cleaning

An easy tool for cleaning a D.E. Filter is the Hayward EC2024 Jet Action Cleaning Wand Replacement for Hayward Perflex DE filters. It allows filter cleaning with minimal disassembly.

When is it time to clean your D.E. filter?

  • When the pressure is 8-10 psi above normal (i.e. above 20 psi)
  • Also recommended that you clean the filter once a month even if the pressure is in range to ensure proper operation
  • The filter can be cleaned by backwashing, cleaning the manifolds and grids, then add new D.E.

Pressure around 8-10 psi (pounds per square inch) indicates a clean filter. Before cleaning, the pressure release valve should be opened to allow air to escape from the filter.

The manifold, shape and grids vary by manufacturer. The manifold sits above the grids, or fingers in the D.E. filter.

I'm not going to sugar coat the cleaning process, but cleaning a D.E. filter can be a dirty, with D.E. sometimes spraying back on you and getting soaked during the job. D.E. Filters are very efficient, but require regular cleaning to keep them working properly.

  • Backwash to clean out the dirt and debris in the filter. Backwash until the water becomes clear. NOTE: Make sure the backwash hose is connected before starting the pump.
  • After backwashing, drain the filter from the drain plug, and open the filter by removing the clamp, or bolts holding the housing together.
  • Next remove the manifold and take off each grid.
  • Flush out all of the D.E. from the grids using a garden hose.
  • Make sure that the inside of the tank is rinsed out as well.
  • After cleaning, place the manifold and grids back in the filter and lubricate the o-ring using Magic Lube.
  • Prime your pool pump and make sure the pump lid o-ring is properly lubricated.
  • Turn your pump on. Once water comes out of the pressure relief valve in the D.E. filter, close the valve.
  • Lastly, add the proper amount of D.E. to the skimmer

The proper amount of D.E. to add depends on the sq. ft. in the filter

  • 24sq. ft. - 3 pounds (or 6 one-pound coffee cans)
  • 36sq. ft. - 4.5 pounds (or 9 one-pound coffee cans)
  • 48sq. ft. - 6 pounds (or 12 one-pound coffee cans)
  • 60sq. ft. - 7.5 pounds (or 15 one-pound coffee cans)

Otherwise calculated as 1 pound of pool filter D.E. per 10-12 sq.ft.

When working with D.E. make sure you wear a mask to not breathe in the powder. Mix scoops with water to make creamy mixture and pour slowl into the skimmer. After 30 minutes, turn off the pump.

For a more thorough clean, use Bio-Guard Strip Kwik followed by removing scale build-up with Kleen It. Note: Read & Follow all label instructions for your particular type of filter.