Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Services

If you need swimming pool maintenance, opening, or closing services, we are here to take care of your needs. Our plans can be customized to fit your schedule and budget. Spend more time swimming and enjoying your pool! We service Rochester, NY and the surrounding suburbs.


Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer weekly and monthly pool maintenance schedules which include:

  • Water testing and chemical balancing (total chlorine, free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and bromine levels)
  • Vacuuming, surface skimming, and backwash filters as needed
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Brush sides of the pool
  • Optional filter media replacement
  • DE & Cartridge filter cleaning
  • Ask about our clear water guarantee!!

Let us maintain your pool so you have more time to enjoy it. Please contact us for pricing. Services start at $59/hour. Customers located farther than 20 miles of our main location may require additional travel chargess. We are fully insured and do not require long term maintenance contracts.


Pool Leaf cleanup

The storm of 2017 left many pools with covers blown off and leaves in their pools. We performed cleanup of the pool pictured to restore it to swimming condition.

The pool was full of leaves when we arrived.

The pool was full of leaves when we arrived.

After opening and cleaning, we were able to get the leaves out of the pool and balance the chemistry

After opening and cleaning, we were able to get the leaves out of the pool and balance the chemistry


Inground pool opening and closing

Pool Closing Service

Included in our closing package is removal of the ladder, rails, and any other pieces for winterization. We winterize lines, pump, filter system, and heater. Winter chemicals will be added to ensure the water is ready for the next year. Lastly, the winter cover will be installed. For above ground pools, we highly recommend using cover clips, especially in windy areas. Please contact us for pricing based on your pool size.

Pool Opening Service

Our standard summer pool opening service comes with removing the water and leaves from the cover, reassemble the filter and plumbing, the pool motor will be tested, primed to get the system running. We will set up all equipment and accessories. Chemicals will be added depending on your system. Please contact us for pricing based on your pool size.

We can preform water balancing and cleaning upon request. Alternative Options include:

  • Cover removed by customer and chemicals supplied by customer
  • Cover removed by customer and with chemicals
  • Optional brushing, cleaning, and vacuuming of pool

Above Ground opening and closing

We come fully prepared for whatever you may need for pool closing, winter chemicals, algaecide, tools to winterize the main drain & heater. The skimmer and return line will be plugged, and winter cover will be placed. Pictured above, the air pillow and leaf cover was placed as well.

Our crew will make sure your pool is properly closed and ready for spring. We have options for line winterization only, or cleaning services before you close your pool.

For opening services we will pump water off the cover and reconnect all plumbing and pool systems, add startup chemicals and make sure your system is running. Our company can assist with pool opening even when the cover is full of leaves.

We are locally owned and fully insured. Customers located farther than 25 miles of our main location may require additional travel charges.

Cleaning Pools closed for multiple years

Pools that have been closed for multiple years require many hours of labor and multiple visits before they are clean. Accounting for chemical costs to treat and balance the pool, the total costs can be over $500. For a pool that has been left unused, there may be parts that need replacing, such as o-rings, pump baskets, or other items. We do our best to communicate with the homeowner to make sure that they are being treated fairly.

If there are budgetary concerns, please let us know and we can give tips so you can complete the job on your own.

Below are pictures of a pool we opened and cleaned after being closed for 8 years. The process took 5 days to complete and about 9 hours of labor before the pool was back to operating condition. Watch the transition from green & dirty to clear & sparkling

D.E. & Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Filter cleaning should not be confused with filter backwashing. A cartrige filter should be replaced every 3-4 years and cleaned after every 3-6 months of use, or annually for the greater Rochester area.

  • We will disassemble the filter internals and clean the tank inside. Clean the grids to remove any oils and grease from the filter elements, then (if needed) use an acid solution to remove any calcuim buildup.
  • Check the cartridges & manifolds for any holes, breaks, or signs of heavy wear in need of replacement.
  • Lubricate inner o-rings with a teflon based lubricant
  • For D.E. filters, they will be recharged with media
  • Reseal the tank and test for proper filtration.
  • Please be advised that we do not haul away the old sand

Additional charges and time may apply if replacement parts are needed.

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