Remove and Prevent Algae Growth

Oh no!!... the pool is green!

Every pool owner dreads a green pool. There are various types of algae that can occur, with green algae as the most common. However there are other types, like brown and mustard algae, which can be treated and prevented.

  • Green algae, the most common, can be eliminated with a couple simple steps. Adjust the pH to the proper level, and add a strong shock treatment along with a dose of Bio-Guard Algae All 60® will kill the algae. Follow up the treatment with slowly vacuuming algae that has settled on the pool floor and walls to waste. Brush the entire pool surface so that any algae does not remain, then vacuum again to waste the next day. Floating algae can be filtered out using a clarifier like Polysheen Blue to help coagulate the floating particles.

TIP #1: If the pool water is dark green, more shock will be required than with a light green pool. A minimum double shock treatment will be needed.

TIP# 2: Placing a garden hose in the pool while vacuuming to waste will help slow help when refilling the pool to the proper level.

  • "Black algae," or blue-green algae, usually grows in shady areas of the pool and doesn't occur frequently in vinyl pools because this type of cyanobacteria prefers rough surfaces. Treatment is similar to green algae, however the surfaces must be brushed thoroughly before adding algaecide and chlorine shock.

  • Mustard algae (yellow algae) often looks like dirt or sand on the bottom or sides of a pool. It's often misdiagnosed, but if it looks like dirt, but is slimy, there's a chance it's mustard algae. Mustard algae is chlorine resistant and we recommend the same treatment as black algae, however an algaecide like Bio-Guard's Banish® may be needed to stop and prevent growth from mustard algae. In the Rochester area, it is uncommon to have a case of mustard algae.

In some cases, Power Floc™ will be needed to get the algae to coagulate and settle on the pool floor. Vacuuming should be done to waste in all cases. Please feel free to contact us for tips, or to make a trip to help clean up your pool