Swimming Pool Cleaning Projects

Below are some of our swimming pool cleaning projects


Before cleaning

The pool was recently opened with algae and debris. There was a chlorine demand caused by substances inactivating the chlorine, which was also cleared

During the process

We vacuumed the pool, then thoroughly brushed the walls and bottom of the pool to loosen any dirt, debris, and algae for a second cleaning. Added a heavy dose of chlorine to break the demand.

Post cleaning

We monitored the water and balanced the chemicals to make sure the pool remained clear.

Algae & leaf cleanup

After cover removal, there were many leaves, dirt, debris, and algae present. Chemicals were out of balance where alkalinity, pH, hardness, and stabilzer needded adjusting.

About half way

After an initial shock treatment, and vacuuming the pool in a manner to remove the debris, we started to fully balance the pool.

Final Process

The process took 4 trips to complete the process and about 8 hours of labor to complete. We continued to work with the client to ensure their pool remained clear for the summer.

Opening CLeaning

Upon removing the cover, we observed algae, dirt and debris which had accumulated during the winter and early spring.

During cleaning

Algaecide and a chlorine shock treatment was used to start the cleaning process. We brushed the pool and returned 2 days later to vacuum

Finished project

After vacuuming the pool, we removed the remaining dirt and algae. The water will clear with circulation and when fully balanced the homeowners will continue the chemical balancing.

Opening Cleaning

Drained water off the cover and completed opening above ground pool setup, including pump & filter setup, and opening chemical treatment

Opening cleaning

Performed opening cleaning service to get the pool in swimming condition. Please note opening cleaning is available on request.

Complete Opening Service

The pool was completely opened and cleaned for the spring.

Complete full service

Our cleaning, balancing, and routine maintenance program will leave your pool looking sparkling and clear. We can provide weekly reports showing how balanced your chemicals are after each visit.